“Your King Is Coming” 3/29/15 @ 10 AM

The Triumphal Entry and Jesus has a "rock star" status! Yet, He did not come to conquer Rome but to conquer sin and death. This powerful message will also weave in prophetic implications. Keep in mind manny people want Jesus but on their own terms. … [Read More...]

Prayer & Hearing

“Praying & Hearing From God” 3-22-15 @ 10 AM

Prayer is the antidote for the spiritual disease of self-confidence and pride. Two things...prayer will lead us to joy and it will lead us to power. God is the only true inexhaustible reservoir of hope and help...this message will bless you! … [Read More...]

Girls - Thumbnail

PAM STENZEL – “Girlz Gone Right” (7th-12th Grade)

We're excited to host a powerful conference for our area girls (7th-12th grade).  On Sunday, April 12th at 4PM, nationally recognized speaker, Pam Stenzel, will be sharing on the topic of purity.  We're also bringing in a special music group for … [Read More...]


“Busy or Distracted?” (03/15/15)

Do you ever feel the pressures of your full schedule?  Are you a busy person?  We live in a culture of BUSY.  With the demands of every day life, it's good to pause and make sure we're doing what we've been created to do!  This Sunday, Pastor … [Read More...]

Meeting Times

Sunday Schedule
8:45 AM - Sunday School for all ages
10:00 AM - Worship Service
● Kids Church (Preschool - 6th) 2nd - 4th Sundays
4:30 PM - Radical Youth Group (7th & 8th)
4:30 PM - Ignite Worship Service (9th - 12th)

Wednesday Schedule (Starting September 10th)
6:30 PM - Foundations for Faith (7th & 8th)
7:30 PM - High School Bible Study (9th -12th)
Second & Fourth Wednesdays
6:30 PM - Faith Club (Preschool - 6th Grade)

Meeting times subject to change. For up to date calendar of events click here.




Fall for Faith Kids & Youth

Please check out the fall events going on for Kids & Youth here at Faith.  There will be lots of fun and the sharing of God's Word.  Your children will not want to miss a single thing and neither will you. … [Read More...]

Upcoming Events

Youth Calendar

Take a look at our youth calendar for all our activities this month for Radical (7th-8th), Ignite (High School), Sunday School (7th - 12th), and Bible Studies offered in area school districts (7th - 12th).  If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Russ @ … [Read More...]