“Thanksgiving” – 11-20-16 @ 10 AM

We have come a long way since that first Thanksgiving in 1621. Today, we are the richest nation in the world but we are also a troubled nation that needs to remember God. This is an encouraging message intended to yield hope. … [Read More...]


The Answer for America (11.06.16 @ 10AM)

This Sunday, Pastor Russ will be preaching a message titled "The Answer for America" from Malachi 4. This message will address the reason for the current state of our nation and will lead into a strong message for each and every family. You don't … [Read More...]


Sunday School (3 Adult Classes)

This Sunday, October 30th, we launch into a our newest Sunday School offerings for adults. Check out the class below and make plans to attend. Sunday School at Faith is for all ages starting @ 8:45AM! … [Read More...]


“Talking Back To God” (pt.1) 10-16-16 @ 10 AM

"Talking Back To God" it almost seems astonishing, and yet that was the nature of the people that Malachi the prophet was speaking. The book of Malachi is like a modern day talk show. This is a book that has great value in the contemporary sense. … [Read More...]


“Re-Purpose Your Life” – 10/9/16 @ 10 AM

Question...are Christian people allowed to fail and what happens when they do? Does God drop the curtain on that person and puts them on a shelf? The message focuses on three Bible persons who failed and what God did about it. God is the Master at … [Read More...]

Meeting Times

Sunday Schedule
8:45 AM - Sunday School (All Ages)
10:00 AM - Worship Service
● Kids Church (Preschool - 6th) 2nd - 5th Sundays
5:00 PM - Ignite Youth Group (7th - 12th)

Wednesday Schedule (Starting in September)
6:30 PM - Foundations for Faith (7th & 8th)
6:30 PM - High School Bible Study (9th -12th)
Alternating Wednesdays (Click Calendar Below
6:30 PM - Family Nights
● Faith Club (Preschool - 6th Grade)
● Adult Service (West Fellowship Hall)

Meeting times subject to change. For up to date calendar of events click here.


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Kids’ Ministries at Faith

At Faith Community Church we believe that parents are the most important spiritual leaders … [...]

Upcoming Events

Youth Calendar

Take a look at our youth calendar for all our activities this month for Radical (7th-8th), Ignite (High School), Sunday School (7th - 12th), and Bible Studies offered in area school districts (7th - 12th).  If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Russ @ … [Read More...]