“Should I Take a Knee?” 10-1-17 @ 10 AM

“Take a knee” has to be one of the hottest topics in America today! There are people on all sides of this issue including Christians. What am I supposed to do…what should I say…what about my attitude? Do we take a knee…yes…in repentance and a heartfelt desire to get back to God. Don’t miss this […]

“Seeds & Soils” 9-24-17 @ 10 AM

It is a simple parable of Jesus that carries a profound truth. Jesus speaks of good seeds and four different soil types at represent people and their receptivity to the Gospel. This message will cause us to reflect on our lives. The seed is good, the sower is good, but the soil types make the […]

LifeGate Fellowship Launch

We are just days away from the launch of LifeGate Fellowship, Humboldt, Iowa’s newest church…it is going to be great! Plan now to be with us on Saturday, 9/16/17 @ 5:30 PM for this historic moment.

“Anchored in the Church” 9/10/17 @ 10 AM

I love the church and I know Jesus also loved the church. The ministry of the church is the ministry of people. A great church is one that is alive with the presence of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. God is doing great things at Faith Community Church and we encourage you […]

“The Case of the Man With the Withered Hand” 9-3-17 @ 10 AM

It is the Sabbath and Jesus is speaking and He calls out a man with a withered hand. What happens next is powerful and life changing. A withered hand is one thing, but what about spiritual withering? “Stretch out your hand…” Jesus is going to do something big!

“How To Know The Voice Of God” 8-27-17 @ 10 AM

Today, there are many voices that are all trying to gain the attention in our lives. How can I know when it is God speaking, or is it just me, or could it be satan? The Bible provides much needed advice that will help us clearly recognize the voice of God. This is a critical […]

“Five Ways God Speaks To Us” 8-20-17 @ 10 AM

God still speaks today and that is because He has something important to say. Hearing from God is one of the most powerful moments of your spiritual life. Tis message will specifically discuss five key ways God is speaking…don’t miss this service!

“Make America Good Again” – 7/9/17 @ 10 AM

I am continuing the patriotic theme. We have banished God from the public square but we don’t know who or what to put in His place. This is a rapid ride through our Christian history to today’s desire to remove any vestige of Christianity…must hear this one!

“The Age of Fear” – 6/11/17 @ 10 AM

Fear is something that is often a part of our lives and in some cases can even paralyze our lives. We will speak about fear and how God shows us how it can be overcome…liberty!

“Surviving the End Times” 5-21-17 @ 10 AM

The message is Bible prophecy and will provide an answer to five key questions. We have heading toward an inevitable date for the rapture of the church and the coming judgment. This message will encourage and provide hope.