“T’Was the Week After Christmas” – 12/31/17 @ 10 AM

Christmas changed people in Bible days and it still does today. How were people changed and how can you make changes for a great life with God. Come on out for church…the furnaces are all working…coffee is ready…God is ready to meet you!

“Christmas at Faith” – 12/24/17

10 AM – “Who Is That Baby in a Manger?” All that God has to say is wrapped up in one word…Jesus! 6 PM – ChristmasEve service…great music…small children…drama…a time to celebrate…Happy Birthday Jesus!

“When Did Christmas Begin?” 12/3/17 @ 10 AM

Did you know…Christmas did not actually begin in Bethlehem but nine months earlier when the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary and within her was the divine-human Person of Jesus Christ. It is the “Word became flesh” and the most exciting story of all. Plan to be with us for this super service and message from the […]

“Come Before Winter” – 11/26/17 @ 10 AM

The Apostle Paul is battle-worn and approaching the close of his ministry and shares vital information concerning the urgency of ministry. Today, there has never been more emptiness in people’s lives. God has answers and everyone of them begins with knowing Jesus. Today is a day of amazing opportunity.

“Run the Race” – 11/19/17 @ 10 AM

This is a huge Sunday because we will be featuring the SOS PUPPETS! My message will follow a special theme of the day. If I am going to be able to compete, I have to get off the couch and get into training. I encourage you to be with us for this special service!

“When God Is Silent” 11-12-17 @ 10 AM

Where was God when the shootings occurred last Sunday in Sutherland Springs, TX? We struggle with these moments and with our faith. We will open the Bible and discover what God is saying about our world and the people in it. I strongly urge you to hear this message!

“Broken Bread” 11-5-17 @ 10 AM

The communion table is a call from the material things of life and causes us to be reminded of the sacrifice of Jesus and His desire for our spiritual growth. This will be a powerful service of renewal and commitment to a deeper life with Jesus.

“No Need for Selfies!” 10-15-17 @ 10 AM

We live in a selfie generation. However, a selfie is not needed when it comes to our relationship to God. So what does God do with people like you and me? Basically, it is a whole lot of grace that always follows a process. God is not afraid of messy people because those are the […]

“Understanding Baptism” 10-8-17 @ 10 AM

When Jesus returned to heaven He left us with two ordinances–holy communion and baptism. There is a lot of confusion about baptism and what it means. This message is actually a Bible teaching on this important subject. We will be answering key questions concerning baptism…plan to be with us!

“Should I Take a Knee?” 10-1-17 @ 10 AM

“Take a knee” has to be one of the hottest topics in America today! There are people on all sides of this issue including Christians. What am I supposed to do…what should I say…what about my attitude? Do we take a knee…yes…in repentance and a heartfelt desire to get back to God. Don’t miss this […]