“Five Ways God Speaks To Us” 8-20-17 @ 10 AM

God still speaks today and that is because He has something important to say. Hearing from God is one of the most powerful moments of your spiritual life. Tis message will specifically discuss five key ways God is speaking…don’t miss this service!

“Make America Good Again” – 7/9/17 @ 10 AM

I am continuing the patriotic theme. We have banished God from the public square but we don’t know who or what to put in His place. This is a rapid ride through our Christian history to today’s desire to remove any vestige of Christianity…must hear this one!

“The Age of Fear” – 6/11/17 @ 10 AM

Fear is something that is often a part of our lives and in some cases can even paralyze our lives. We will speak about fear and how God shows us how it can be overcome…liberty!

“Surviving the End Times” 5-21-17 @ 10 AM

The message is Bible prophecy and will provide an answer to five key questions. We have heading toward an inevitable date for the rapture of the church and the coming judgment. This message will encourage and provide hope.

“Shaping Your Kid’s Lives” 5-14-17 @ 10 AM

Who and what is shaping your children’s lives? If you are not doing this noble task then the world will. This is a challenging and encouraging message on Mother’s Day for all parents.

“Transitions” – 4/30/17 @ 10 AM

Everyday of your life is an opportunity to live with a dream and with purpose. However, a part of that purpose is also a process. These are God’s procedures to get us ready to be greatly used.

“The Greatest Comeback Ever” – 4/16/17@10AM

This is Easter Sunday but let’s call it “Comeback Sunday.” The resurrection of Jesus changed everything. The resurrection of Jesus is the greatest message on the planet. It is the reason for our hope.

“Life Under Pressure” – 4/2/17 @ 10 AM

We have all faced the many pressures of life and these are always thing we don’t get to decide when or where or what!Ever pressure situation is an opportunity for God to respond to you and your needs. What do you do when you run into the headwinds of life?

“Age of Rage” – 3/26/17 @ 10 AM

We are seeing rage played out in many area of our society and we know Christians are not immune and in some cases are a part of the problem. How does rage happen and how do I get through it. This is a practical message that will provide immediate help.

“The Spirit & The World” 3/19/17 @ 10 AM

Our culture is growing more and more anti-Christian and anti-God. As Christ followers we are often told to sit down and be quiet. This message focuses on how we respond to this kind of world.