“This Is My Story” 3/5/17 @ 10 AM

This might be one of the most encouraging and personal strengthening messages I have ever preached!It is a message filled with hope and will focus entirely on the new life Christ gives to each person willing to follow Him…be here this Sunday!

“Prayer That Changes YOU! – 2/26/17 @ 10 AM

Prayer is like a landing strip for God to arrive! Going to church, singing praise songs, giving in the offering, worrying, and all other activities will not move the mountain…only prayer! This is a message that will light the fire in your spirit.

“Preparing for Battle” – 10 AM – 2/19/17

Spiritual warfare is very real. It is often an unseen battle that rages around us. This is not sci-fi or some version of Harry Potter…it is a very real war and the souls of men and women are at stake. This message will encourage you and give you faith to victoriously fight and win this […]

“Flying Stand-By” 2-12-17 @ 10 AM

Flying stand-by means there are no certainties you will be able to fly. There is on thing that is certain that is life beyond this life requires a reservation…we’ll tell you how to get one!

“The Presence of the Lord” 2/5/17 @ 10 AM

One of the great promises of the Bible is the assurance of God’s presence. The Bible has a lot to say about the presence of the Lord and this si a message that will encourage you to seek His presence, how it can be maintained, and even how it can vanish!

“Dressed for Battle” – 1/22/17 @ 10 AM

When we talk about spiritual warfare we need to remember we are living in the midst of a very real fight that is for your defeat and possible destruction of your soul. This is a message that will help you know what to do that can bring victory to your life.

“Building His Church” – 1/15/17 @ 10 AM

Church planting is a critical component of the Great Commission. With a world trembling before certain judgment, we must again go directly to the marketplaces and establish the church as a witness to the power of the Gospel and of Jesus Christ.

“Creation – Chaos – Temptation” 1/8/17 @ 10 AM

This is the beginning of our church-wide series on the “Armor of God.” This message will take us to the beginning and how that impacts what is happening today. This is a powerful series!

“Buying Time” 1-1-17 @ 10 AM

Procrastination is a thief! “Tomorrow” is the watchword for the procrastinator. Paul teams us we are “redeem time,” and this message will encourage you to do that in 2017! Let’s have church!

“Another Way” 12-25-16 @ 10 AM

The last Sunday of 2016 and a time for reflection and possibly change. Change means to go in a new direction and sometimes that makes people nervous. One of the most important words of the Bible is “Today.”