“Preparing for Battle” – 10 AM – 2/19/17

Spiritual warfare is very real. It is often an unseen battle that rages around us. This is not sci-fi or some version of Harry Potter…it is a very real war and the souls of men and women are at stake. This message will encourage you and give you faith to victoriously fight and win this […]

“Flying Stand-By” 2-12-17 @ 10 AM

Flying stand-by means there are no certainties you will be able to fly. There is on thing that is certain that is life beyond this life requires a reservation…we’ll tell you how to get one!

“The Presence of the Lord” 2/5/17 @ 10 AM

One of the great promises of the Bible is the assurance of God’s presence. The Bible has a lot to say about the presence of the Lord and this si a message that will encourage you to seek His presence, how it can be maintained, and even how it can vanish!

“Dressed for Battle” – 1/22/17 @ 10 AM

When we talk about spiritual warfare we need to remember we are living in the midst of a very real fight that is for your defeat and possible destruction of your soul. This is a message that will help you know what to do that can bring victory to your life.

“Building His Church” – 1/15/17 @ 10 AM

Church planting is a critical component of the Great Commission. With a world trembling before certain judgment, we must again go directly to the marketplaces and establish the church as a witness to the power of the Gospel and of Jesus Christ.

“Creation – Chaos – Temptation” 1/8/17 @ 10 AM

This is the beginning of our church-wide series on the “Armor of God.” This message will take us to the beginning and how that impacts what is happening today. This is a powerful series!

“Buying Time” 1-1-17 @ 10 AM

Procrastination is a thief! “Tomorrow” is the watchword for the procrastinator. Paul teams us we are “redeem time,” and this message will encourage you to do that in 2017! Let’s have church!

“Another Way” 12-25-16 @ 10 AM

The last Sunday of 2016 and a time for reflection and possibly change. Change means to go in a new direction and sometimes that makes people nervous. One of the most important words of the Bible is “Today.”

Christmas Eve Service @ 6 PM

Christmas at Faith is a genuine family tradition and we invite you to join with the Faith family for a wonderful service celebrating the birth of Jesus. Great music…children’s play…a time of encouragement for all!

“You Can Have My Room!” 12/18/16 @ 10 AM

The beauty and wonder of Christmas is simply wonderful. It is the wonder of God who took the initiative to enter our world as our only means of redemption from sin. This is an encouraging message filled with hope!