2020 NW Iowa Women’s Conference “Dare to Hope” | November 14th Online Only

All ladies are invited to join us for the Northwest Iowa Women’s Conference on Saturday, November 14, 2020. This will be a time to receive excellent teaching, be refreshed in worship, and grow in friendship. Due to our local circumstances, the Elders feel it is most appropriate to offer our Women’s Conference online only. We were […]

Senior Night

This is the page for the live stream of Senior Night at FCC.


We’re excited to be also going to the IRON SHARPENS IRON Conference by Focal Point Ministries. This one-day conference is only $25 (Adults) and $15 (Students) when registering with Faith! There will be sixteen different seminars for men at this conference; not to mention featured speakers Mark Jobe: President of Moody Bible Institute and Jamaal […]

Living with Margin

In February, Pastor Russ will be preaching a series called “Living with Margin” In this series he will be preaching on the need to recognize our need to carve out time to be used by God, our need for rest, and making sure we put our hands and hearts to the things God has called […]

Live Generously

This Sunday, we start a new series called “Live Generously.” In this series, Pastor Russ will be preaching on several different principles when it comes to the topic of generosity. This week, the principle is on “sowing and reaping”. At first glance, that can seem like “giving to get”…that is not the case and you’ll see why this Sunday!

The Gift Exchange

LIT 2019

Youth Retreat Thank You

Thank you.  We look forward to seeing you December 13th. Please fill out the payment information below. Please select Youth Trip in the fund drop down, Enter $40 for one or $80 for family, click add donation and then click next. Then enter your credit card or bank information and click next. Last step is […]

Harvest Meal

Small Groups

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