“Shrinking Your Waste-Line” (Sunday, January 19th @ 10AM)

Mine, Mine, Mine!!  Have you ever watched little kids at play?  Picture two kids playing together…..a certain toy belonging to one of the kids is sitting in the corner of that playroom…..untouched.  As soon as the other kid picks up that toy, the other shouts “MINE!!”  Have you ever watched this go down?  What a picture of selfishness and possessiveness!  I’ll extend a little grace here, after all, they’re just kids.  But here’s the deal….we as adults can do the exact same thing (hopefully not with toys though).  This Sunday, I’ll be preaching a message titled “Shrinking Your Waste-Line” (2 Corinthians 9:6-15).  I believe God has placed a powerful message on my heart about stewarding what God has given us and I’m honored to be preaching from the inspired Word of God (The Bible) this Sunday morning.  See you all at 10:00AM!!

In Christ,

Pastor Russ