Defence Against Deceit – 3/25/12 @ 10 AM

Can people communicate with so-called mediums and talk to the dead? Is there such a thing as “spirit guides” to provide personal leading? What about that message that begins with “thus says the Lord?” All of these and more will be covering in this vital Sunday message at 10 AM on 3/25/12. The apparent anointing on a person’s life is not a guarantee of truth. As believers, we must never assume that a ministry or spiritual experience is from God because someone claims it to be.  This is a powerful Bible message that will look directly to the Bible for its answers! There are always two powerful, yet simple checkpoints that I use to make judgments concerning any message: (1) does it line up with the Word of God; (2) does it draw you closer to Jesus and to a life that brings more honor to Him. – Dr. Dennis Niles