Jesus Heals…Matthew 9:1-8


In Matthew 9:1-8, a crowd brought Jesus to a paralyzed man.  Jesus first words to this man were, “Take heart son; your sins are forgiven.”  This blew many in the crowd away, as they only brought Jesus to the man to heal him physically.  Some of them even had a problem with Jesus’ authority to forgive this man of his sins!!  After Christ forgave the paralyzed man, He then healed him physically.  The man got up, and the crowd was amazed!

As I think about the order in which Jesus healed, it is so humbling to think of how we should prioritize our “health”.  We all want physical healing, whenever we’re sick or battling some sort of illness.  But when Jesus starts the conversation with the man’s sins, Christ is desiring a healing that gets the man right before God.

We hear stories of physical healing, and maybe even have some of our own.  But what God wants the most from us is to be healed spiritually…. to be right with Him!  That’s the healing that really matters!

We can all think of people we know and pray for that need physical healing, but don’t overlook the people that you know who need God’s hand at work in their spiritual life.

May the Lord bless you, and walk in Christ’s healing power!

In Christ,
Pastor Russ